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Loungewear. Everywhere.

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been crossing over “casual” with “dressy” and cold weather clothing with warm weather clothing. I never understood why others would pack away their summer clothes when fall/winter came around. Oh no honey. Mix it all up! Sneakers + dresses. Long robes + jeans. Tank tops + chunky scarves + wrist warmers. Winter ski boots + shorts + sweatshirt. Seasons shouldn’t always restrict us from playing with our wardrobe blurring the lines between apparel categories and breaking the seasonal “rules”. Yes when it’s below zero or above 20 degrees (C) we need to dress accordingly!

Nothing has changed for me and blurring the lines usually creeps into my designs as I create collections that are cross functional with one another.

V.O.S H E - Versions Of She focuses on cozy, super chill luxe loungewear for the home. But I take it beyond the home on my walk to the beach or to the coffee shop up the street.

V.O.SHE’s dreamy Lola collection of soft draping textured wovens, Cozy handknit collection, and the soon to launch Faith collection of golden silks are all cross functional. You make up your own rules for where, when, how you wear them.

I can't wait to show you the gold silks all up in the mix!

xo ~ esther



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