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Hand Knit Sweaters by V.O.SHE

Like most of us, I’ve spent the past few months (since Covid interrupted our lives) exploring the way I relate to my home. I actually moved my home studio early this past Spring right before the pandemic all started which has given me an opportunity to redesign my world and how I’ll be spending my time creating and relaxing and living. I gained some unexpected time to both think about the concept of my home as both a creative studio space and as a living space and start fresh.

Around the same time as this all started, I came across this article about the popularity of “cottagecore”. We’ve all seen this in action over the past few months. Flour and yeast are flying off the shelves. Crafting stores are sold out and backordered. Plants and gardening equipment have become the trendiest summer accessories. We’re all stuck at home but also trying to get back to our roots. Screens are the enemy and our collective refuge has been found in making things with our own hands. “Cottagecore” may be an aesthetic movement but it’s also part of society learning to value new things, like the Arts and Crafts movement led by William Morris in the late 1800’s.

All of this is really a long way of saying that I’ve been thinking a lot about what we do at home and how it relates to how I design at work. I found myself with this new "available" time on my hands which felt strange. But this meant that I could get back in touch with knitting as it kept pulling at my heart strings and I felt an overwhelming yearning to knit again. It was soothing but it also helped me develop a new capsule collection with a different and complimenting aesthetic to my usual design viewpoint. I found a new internal peace that comes with knitting but also found the ability to design in a more freeform way. Moreover it was incredibly satisfying to be able to fuse my renewed love for knitting with my forever love for V.O.SHE and design hand knit pieces that would add a whole new level of "cozy" to the brand. Now I wear my dreamy, flowy Lola woven pieces layered with my new cozy chic Hand Knitted pieces.

Our hand knits are all made from beautiful yarns ranging from wool blends, silk blends and easy-to-care-for acrylic yarns. The last thing we all need to worry about at this point is doing complicated laundry!

Since I've developed a healthy obsession with knitting and have fallen in love with making these knit sweaters and accessories, I’ve decided to offer them to customers on a made-to-order basis.

This means that each piece will be hand made especially for you and will take from 5 to 14 days or so to get to you. Browse through our Hand Knits page to check out all the cozy styles I want to share with you and for more details on how to order.

I hope you’ll value having something made from start to finish by hand as much as I’ve valued the process of making them. Words cannot entirely express the joy that I have in the entire process and being able share this with you!

xo ~ esther


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