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Esther is a talented designer and I’ve been in love with her silky silhouettes since she started. I’m fortunate that she was able to design customers bridesmaid gowns for my friends wedding, and everyone looked stunning! For Christmas, my partner Jamie surprised me with this custom floor length silk nightgown and matching robe in a beautiful navy and I wear it all the time. I always feel so feminine and luxurious when I put on my v.o.she ♥️.

Elyse - Toronto, CA


The Lola tank, pants and shorts are BY FAR the best pjs I’ve ever owned. I literally don’t take these pjs off when I’m in the house. I also love wearing the pants and tank when I’m out and about, they are the perfect transitional pieces. Love the quality and style of this brand. Would definitely recommend. 

Danielle - NC, USA

Reference Image

Esther has a careful attention to detail, loves what she does and loves even more when a customer enjoys the pieces she has designed. She speaks carefully about her selection process of materials, fabrics, colours and the cuts/fit.  Just hearing her talk about the fabrics convinced me to try something on.


Each piece is designed to be elegant, special and feminine while offering maximum comfort for everyday wear


How I really feel: these are the pieces you actually don't want to over use for fear they will wear out :)

I now forget about hotel provided robes, I roll up my V.O.SHE silk robe and take it with me 



I would love if the silk pieces were not only dry clean - i prefer the look and feel of the silk fabric over the washable satin but eventually i may need to try both:)

JJill - Toronto, CA

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