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About Us


“My love for loungewear and the importance to feel comfortable and beautiful at home runs deep as I tend to hibernate at home in my world of daydreams and healthy escapism.

This, along with having designed for other Canadian apparel companies in Ladies Loungewear and Sleepwear, made it very easy for me to decide to create a sleepwear and loungewear brand back in the winter of 2018.

I took my 17 years in the apparel design industry and decided to create my dream version of this lovely life of luxury and comfort where all of me is accepted and celebrated through beautiful sophisticated and relaxed sleepwear and loungewear. This would be a brand that was defined by all of this and anchored in the softest and most luscious fabrics.


I wanted to create a little world of wonder, luxury and daydreams where every version of myself was invited. Ambitious, timid, motivated, energized, tired, leader, supporter, quiet, loud and all the rest of me could be celebrated in any loungewear piece and worn in cross-functional ways.


With this V.O.SHE (Versions Of She) was born.

V.O.SHE offers the ultimate experience of luxury, wonder, and comfort while focusing on versatility in each collection. Each piece allowing the V.O.SHE woman to live in this little daydream while at home and even outside of the home.

V.O.SHE is composed of styles that can be worn cross-functionally with pieces from other V.O.SHE collections and even with other pieces from your closet. There are no rules in how you wear your V.O.SHE. You wear it your way. Just expect the best relaxed vibes and loungewear experience while feeling luxurious and beautiful.

At Versions Of She lounge is queen. Lounge is life. You are a queen. So go ahead and spoil yourself in V.O.SHE Versions Of She.


xo ~ esther”

Here's a page from the V.O.SHE Brand Identity Booklet:

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